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a common goal

Create sites we can be proud of!

sebastien plisson
Jean-Charles Deglesne

quality from start to finish

As former freelancers, we were all links in a big chain within multiple projects. This frustration of seeing projects lose quality with each intermediary, of not having control over the quality from start to finish, is what gave birth to the studio. The desire to do well. A common will to gather a team of experts, talented in their respective fields, who share a demanding professional conscience.

a common goal

Always doing our utmost to produce the best quality, always delivering projects that we are proud to display. To take the time to advise and give feedback. To fine tune the details from start to finish. From design to development. We share the same goal as you. To create the best website possible. The one that we will be proud to display, the one that will perform well and bring you satisfaction. Thus we will make you want to recommend us as our previous customers did. Thus we will progress TOGETHER.

We are the studio you need for

✹ The conception, design and development of your new marketing site ⏤ SaaS, Hotels, Restaurants ...

✹ The conception, design and development of your new e-shop ⏤ Fashion, Food, Cosmetics ...

✹ Refresh or design from scratch your identity ⏤ logos, typos choices, colors, illustrations, graphic language, web uses and social networks ...

✹ Conducting workshops to help you move forward.

We will not be the studio you need for

✹ Your product design, dashboard, internal tool

✹ Intervene on minor adjustments to your current site.

✹ PHP development


Our work method revolves around simple principles: gather, sort and understand information. Identify problems and objectives. Imagine solutions, list tasks, prototype, test and iterate until you get the best result.

For each project, a collaborative space is created on Notion to organize and track important tasks. Weekly updates are organized to report on progress and milestones until delivery.
Strategy & UX
Art Direction
Strategy & UX
Art Direction

the Team

Jonathan Levy

Jonathan Levy

Project & Studio Manager

Jean-Charles Deglesne

Jean-Charles Deglesne

Front-end developer

Sébastien Plisson

Sébastien Plisson

Designer & Webflow expert

Rémi Millet

Rémi Millet

Back-end developer

Aymeric Galissot

Aymeric Gallissot

Mobile Developer

christophe bouche

Christophe Bouche


the Talents

Reveal Studio is not the kind of studio that will outsource your project. We privilege quality over quantity and for this reason we limit the number of active projects within the studio.

Nevertheless, in the case of needs that require a specialization and a particular know-how, we sometimes call upon the talents of our network. Do you have a particular talent? 3D, photography, illustration? Do not hesitate to send us your work.


✹ Jimmy Fairly ✹ Eyewear and accessories sales

✹ Maze ✹ User testing

✹ OctoML ✹ Artificial intelligence

✹ LiveEO ✹ Satellite observation

✹ New Normal ✹ Agency

✹ Archera

✹ Baltic ✹ Sale of designer watches

✹ Metiseko ✹ Ready-to-wear

✹ Panac ✹ Sale of designer sofas

✹ Agua Blanca ✹ Cosmetics

✹ Le Petit Lunetier ✹ Sale of glasses and accessories

✹ Staycation ✹ Local tourism

✹ Château Palmer ✹ Exceptional wines

✹ Echio ✹ Live video streaming between artists and fans

✹ Shadow ✹ Cloud Gaming

✹ LittleGustave ✹ Baby potty delivery

✹ Pakko ✹ Management tool for the self-employed

✹ ✹ Video and streaming solution

✹ Prairy ✹ Tourism and travel app

✹ Toot sweet ✹ App good plans and outings

Key accounts

✹ Moët & Chandon

✹ Galeries Lafayette

✹ BNP Paribas

✹ Veolia

✹ Suez

✹ Pierre Fabre

✹ Euler Hermes


From digital art direction to UX and the complete web design of your site, I can accompany you from A to Z. Strategy, co-design of the plan, reflections on the paths and navigation, digital art direction and its application on your site. Interaction and animation. Responsive design.

Webflow dev.

Whether it is with your design or by going through this step together, I accompany you in the implementation of your site on Webflow. Integration of templates, animations and interactions, creation of dynamic collections in the CMS, SEO optimization, connection with your tools, training to the tool and deployment on your domain name.


I accompany you in the photography of products, places or reportage. Ideal if you launch your ecommerce store and need to shoot your products or if you need beautiful pictures for the creation of your new website.